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Upcoming lesson?

I’m thinking about doing a 3-instrument arrangement to “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” with this feel. Thoughts?


The music is copyright Ben, see the notice at the start

Yeah, the actual composition is traditional, not copyrighted. They’re trying to protect their actual recording. Since I’m doing my own, it’s not copyright violation. Thanks for looking out for me, though!

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Man, that would be a perfect song to start diving in to waypoint rolling backup. I could see something on Banjo here like what Russ Carson did last week for Mother’s Not Dead. It’s the perfect tempo to really engrain some of those backup licks into the ol’ gray matter.

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Definitely one of my favorite hymns. Bring it on!!!

It is a good tune and it does sound like a lot of opportunity to rattle around the neck playing backup. I haven’t got to the waypoint lessons yet, but isn’t F one of those chords that Alan Munde said was so far out of the diatonic chord system that a player needed to just kind of keep where they are and where they are going in mind? I could be wrong about that, but I’m pretty sure he was talking about F. I noticed a lot of Fs in the tune’s chords.

I’m still trying to absorb and practice the diatonic chords, improve changes from one position to another, “discover” notes above and below the chords, and figure out how to work all of it into songs I know, so my input should be taken with a grain of salt.

Would you ever considered a Blue Moon Of Kentucky mandolin lesson?

I think that song is copyrighted so Ben can’t yet legally teach it but he’s working on these things

Hey, that would be great!

It has a bit of a sassy lilt to it. The rolling banjo backup gives it a pleasant forward drive. I’m in!

It’s done, y’all:


It sure is! And quite fun to play! I just need to get a mandolin so I can play all three parts

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