Under the knife I go


Hey friends,

Tomorrow morning (10May) I will have ankle reconstruction surgery. It’s an extensive operation and I’ll be sidelined for most of the summer. I have worked my TAIL off to pre-produce what I consider some of the best lessons to ever come to the site, which will be released as normal over the next 6 weeks. By the end of that 6 weeks, I should have a walking boot and be back to recording :wink:

Two things you can do to help me during this time, please. One, I appreciate your prayers and well wishes. I’m serious about dem prayers :slight_smile: Two, I have launched a brand new store here on the site. Please consider buying your musical goods from there. If I don’t carry something that you want, let me know and I’ll get it for you. My and @Jake’s families are depending on the store, so I can’t thank you enough for supporting it and spreading the word. Remember, free shipping over $49! Okay, enough already…I’m starting to sound desperate! But seriously…please click on the store button above. Thanks!

Over the next 6 weeks I’ll be getting lots of reading, studying, and emailing done…I’ll be on the forum all throughout that time so I hope to see you on here!

I’m surely thankful for y’all!

Banjo Benito


Brother Ben, Me and Rosana will be keeping you and the family in our prayers! You’ll be back to kicking Banjo Butt in no time. I’ll be sure to stop in the store and spread it around the interwebs too. Christ’s blessings for you, your surgeon’s hands and for a speedy recovery!


Prayers for you and the whole family, buddy. Those are some big shoes to fill around your house while you’re out of commission.

Try not to think about this place too much. We’ll hold down the fort while you’re gone.

Wishing a complete and speedy recovery.


Praying for you!


Praying for you, the doctors and your family, brother.


We will keep you in our prayers for tomorrow and for your speedy recovery! I have already decided when I get a new mandolin it will definitely be from your store! God bless you and your family


Good luck, Ben! We’ll keep you in our prayers and thoughts as we keep up with the lessons! I’ll take inventory on my strings and picks, and after I do that, I’ll be sure to order some off the site.
Be well and Godspeed.


Prayer comin right up.


I wish for a speedy recovery. And that you will be up and running soon.


Good luck, Ben. Today will be the easy part and you will do fine. Tomorrow the work starts; be sure to follow your healthcare providers’ instructions!


May the Lord uphold you in His righteous right hand. I know all will turnout well for you. Terry


(Psssst. Hey… is he gone yet? Let’s move the furniture around to mess with him! :rofl::rofl::rofl:)


Any update on @BanjoBen yet? He high on painkillers and singing old country songs to the nurses?


Hiya Ben -

Prayers coming your way from the Brooks family.

And I hit the store too - the kids and I will be sportin’ the G Run tees… :slight_smile:


You could move it upstairs. That’d REALLY mess with him. :slight_smile:


Praying for you for great results and a quick recovery!


I survived, friends! Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. The doc said it was a successful surgery from his perspective. @Danl1 is right…the work is about to start! I’ll be here on the forum quite a bit. Let’s stay in touch and learn some stuff.


Fantastic news! Glad to hear all went well. Dan’s correct. My lovely wife works in a Rehab facility and is a Licensed Occupational Terrorist, I mean Therapist. Believe me when I tell you DO WHAT THEY SAY. Push through it no matter what, it will help you heal so much faster. You’ll be toe-tappin in no time!


Prayers for a speedy recovery.


Im glad everything went well. I’ll be praying for a speedy recovery. I also have had it on my to do list to order some more guitar and banjo strings from the store. I’ll get that done this weekend.