Unclouded Day Build a Break backup track


Hey @BanjoBen,

Do you have back up tracks for Unclouded Day that play through two or three times so I can play each level without having to wait for the track to repeat with a new count in? Unless I’m missing something, the downloadable backup tracks in the Unclouded Day lesson only play through once.

The other build a break lesson backups I’ve heard so far I think play through at least twice.

Just askin,


It’s possible to upload the MP3 file into a free program called Audacity and then you can easily loop the file as many times as you want. I’ve actually never done it, but I remember @Mark_Rocka mentioning this ability here.


I read Maggie’s request yesterday while at work and forgot to come back to it. Thanks for the reminder, Rance!

Maggie, if you’re playing along with Ben’s jam tracks, you definitely want a player that can seamlessly loop MP3 files from end to beginning. The default players in Windows can’t do that seamlessly. They put a pause in there when they loop back around. You can use the free software Audacity for that. Download it here. https://www.audacityteam.org/download/

Once you get it, I made you a looping version of the 200 BPM jam track you can use to play through as many times as you want. Let me know if you’re not up to 200 BPM just yet and I’ll make another from one of the slower jam tracks.

Ugh. Cancel that. The board won’t let me upload a 1 MB file. Send me the email address you’d like me to send it to in a private message and I’ll email it to you.


Oh excellent. Can I edit the files too? So I can cut out the 1 2 3 4… count in? And then put the ending after say three times through? Just like the backing track in the actual lesson that Ben plays to?

I’ll download it and get the install started.


Yeah, you can edit it, loop it, slow it down, speed it up. An editor opens up a whole new world.