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Unable to open and print tablature

I am unable to open the tablature therefor I cannot print it. I could before but recently I can’t. Just wondering if it is the printer/computer or the website.

I just opened several pdf tabs so the site seems to be working.

Can you identify which tab wouldn’t open for you?

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Welcome to the forum Ray and so sorry you’re having an issue opening the tab files.

Is it that you cannot open all tabs or just a particular one?
If a particular one, which one?

Are you trying to open the .pdf files or .tef files?

Will you describe how you are trying to open them?


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Are you getting an Error message when you try to open? Also, you can right-mouse on the Tab, save on your computer, then right-mouse on the “saved” pdf and select “open with” and then choose a PDF Reader program to open it.

If no PDF reader is available in this last Step, you’ll have to upload a PDF program which are free from many websites. Good Luck!

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