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Ummmmm......I think the snow forgot it was supposed to stay up North

Ummmmm…I think the snow forgot it was supposed to stay up North!!! This ole South Alabama boy ain’t accustomed to
such frigid conditions. It is hard to pick when your fingers are frozen!!!


I’m stuck inside with a couple little girls while trying to write a guitar solo! :slight_smile:

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I know!!! I think if it is going to be so cold, we should at least have a bunch of snow!! :grinning: Where do you live? I am in Wisconsin.

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Signing in from Michigan… snow, cold and WORK. No time off for my son (much to his disappointment)…

Maybe we should move south? If I did, Nashville would be the place. I have visited several times and like the town so much. A Hockey Team, a Football Team and now a Soccer Team!

Oh… and did I mention the music? We like the place a lot - and that was BEFORE I got the Banjo and got hip to Bluegrass!

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South Alabama… I can count on one hand (and still have a couple fingers free to pick) the times I have seen snow accumulation here during my 42 years.
Sweltering heat… we are acclimated to … but SNOW??? Not so much!!!

Got enough dusting here to freeze my car doors shut in Pensacola FL. It did not get above freezing until 2pm.

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Cliff I did see that it was colder in Pensacola than it was here in GA. My brother lives there.

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