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Two Octave Scale Study - The Rut Remover


Recently, I have (once again) been struggling with joblessness. This is the reason I have not been as present here… but I miss you all.

That said, my studies and playing time has suffered as time is short… Which brings me to the topic (Thank God, right?:roll_eyes:).

If you find yourself in a rut, try to revisit the 2 Octave Scale Study. Commit yourself to getting through all 7 keys in a dedicated session EACH day.

I did… and in 1 week, my playing has improved on Mandolin. Am I at breakneck speed? NO. Can I get through all 7 keys mistake-free (even at a super-slow, turtle speed)? NOT EVEN CLOSE. Will this take awhile? ABSOLUTELY.

But will the time invested supercharge your speed and agility? I SAY YES!

Thank you @BanjoBen for another gem!


I agree. It has been a while since I worked on those, but as you said, they are very effective. Here’s the cool thing… I thought they were surpsingly FUN! I think it is great that @BanjoBen invented the octave scales for all those keys :wink:

Good luck with finding the right job. I bet we can get a few people united in prayer for you!


Thanks Mike R!

It is nice and such a blessing to share our struggles with fellow Christians willing to unite in prayer.

With the Lord as our Savior, we are VICTORIOUS - with and without jobs!