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Twanger for sale, 1st batch, #18

I have an original run (#18) Gold Tone Style 3 “TWANGER” in gorgeous shape.

This amazing sounding fat rim no hole tone ring flat head banjo, styled after JD Crowe’s Banger, a 1929 Gibson RB3, has original case, a new head, 5th string spikes at frets 7 and 9, and Rickard Cyclone High Ratio Tuning Pegs. This banjo had a setup done just a few months ago by noted luthier and famed banjo player Charlie Cushman of the Grammy Award winning Earls of Leicester.

Will let it go at the low low price of $4,890. I know this sounds like a joke, but I’m serious, I will part with this awesome one of kind, well 1 of 36, banjo which is designed by our very own Ben Clark, Jake Stogdill and Robbie Boone and the uncut label is signed by all three. I’ll even throw in free shipping.

You may be wondering… Maggie, how can you let this gem go for such a low price? Well, I need the money for that operation… yeah, that operation, that’s it you see… And it’s guaranteed never to turn pink.

PM me for pictures and details :slight_smile:


Maggie, am i missing something? I thought ben sold the Twanger for 1700… And 4,890 is Cheap?

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Sorry, i’m not accusing you of over pricing, just a little confused :wink:

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But, this one goes to 11.

No, you’re not missing anything my dear. Although, I would let it go for $4,850.


oh i see :smile: