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"Twanger" batch #4

Any new info on arrival?? Not that I am looking forward to it or anything. Any word on when they will be here?? Again, I really don’t care. Will they be in our hands by the end of January. I am not excited, just asking for others that may have ordered one. Sure would like to know when they will ship… so I can let others know, of course… because it really doesn’t matter to me. :crazy_face:


Right now, we’re looking at mid- to late-January, I think. I’d say there is a fair chance that at least some of the first ones to get set up and ready will go out, and possibly get to a few customers before the end of January from what we know right now. Sorry I can’t give you a more definite timeline until we get a week or two closer!


Hey! Thanks a lot @AdamAsh.

Like i said, i really don’t care, i was… ah… errr… asking for a friend. :flushed: