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Tunes with a split measure

Hey Guy’s

I am seeking your help in listing a couple of tunes that have a split measure in the chord progression. I am working on practicing backup right now trying to get a feel for what to play over split measures. Do I play a root note at the start of each half measure ? :confounded:

Are there any tunes in waltz time that have a split measure? :thinking:

Thanks in advance.

Hi Archie.

Playing a root note would depend on what type of backup you are playing, but generally it’s not a bad idea idea when starting/learning.

If you are playing a “vocal echo” type backup simply use the melody of the preceding vocal line to start.

If vamping the one will be used in the course of building the chord voicings…

In a “drone roll” type you’d be using root tones often.

I don’t have a banjo handy, so someone else would have to chime in on how much the chord root is used in a “teardrop” type backup.

Split measure are more common in 6/8 than in 3/4. They do exist in 3/4 but I can’t think of any off-hand.

How about Benny Bell’s Shaving Cream. I think it’s root and 5, but I’m not positive it’s split measure. Hope that helps.

a couple common places to find split measures are:

where there is a quick V chord on the end (ala Sally Goodwin or Fire on the Mtn)

and sometimes when a IV chord will split with a VIm before going to a IIm. ( C/Em to Am in key of G )

also check out

Bill Cheatum
Blackberry Blossom
Monroe’s Hornpipe
Wheel Hoss

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Not exactly Bluegrass Jack but thanks for the suggestion

Thanks Dave
Some great suggestions here to work through

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