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Trouble viewing videos on Dell/Windows 8.1/IE––FIXED

I can view Banjo Ben’s videos just fine on my desktop (Dell, Windows 10, Internet Explorer), tablet (android, Chrome) and Ipad (iOS, Safari). However, on my laptop (Dell, Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer), I get the message: “Ouch, this video can’t be viewed with your current set up”. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks.

Hi Rex

I use Internet Explorer and there is an known issue with tracking protection that prevents users accessing Ben’s videos on his secure site when tracking protection is turned on. In IE click on SAFETY then TURN OFF Tracking Protection and reboot your computer. That should fix the problem.

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Thank you. I checked my IE browser settings and found that the tracking protection was already turned off. However, I did reboot my computer. After that the videos worked.

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It’s amazing just how clever that on/ off button is at fixing computer issue. Thanks for sharing the follow up.:sunglasses::sunglasses:

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