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Triplets revisted

Ok so I have worked on the various positions from the Alan Munde Fretboard geography videos (triads) and I have watched and worked on the 6ths too. I have a pretty good handle on them - at least workable for now.

Other than Silent Night in the tab section, are there a few other tunes on here that have been created using triplets I should be looking at.

I am also coming up with a few of my own too - one for “She Still Thinks I Care” by George Jones.



Hi Ethan
There are quite a few lessons that employ triplets, Arkansas Traveller, Wayfaring Stranger, Leather Britches & Cherokee Shuffle are just a few that spring to mind

I should have qualified slow songs. I will check out Way Faring Strangers. . Thanks!

Hi Ethan ALL tunes can be classed as slow tunes. It’s only when we speed them up they are classified as fast tunes. :rofl::smiley::joy:


And then when I play a tune it becomes a “banjo speed” tune and nobody can keep up.:wink::joy: