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Transpose Query

How many intervals to transpose from D to G and from D to E ?

I am trying to transpose some tab in TablEdit not sure this will work but I have go to give it a try.


G is the 4th of the D scale; therefore, or 5 one-half steps up.

From D to E os raising 1 WHOLE (2 one-half) step(s).

I hope that is the answers you were looking for @Archie?


Thanks Will I’ll give that a try, Not sure if TablEdit does half steps. It mentions intervals and I am not too savvy on music theory.


Ok… I am in TablEdit and so… I will take a peek at the transpose feature…

Also… The D to G is 2.5 whole Steps…

@Archie, did you see?.. While practicing to get my entry in… my 5th string tuner finished cracking, splitting and giving way…

My cheap, beginner Banjo is KAPUT - no entry from me this time.

Once I start my new job, I think @Jake will be getting a call for a RK or a Twanger.


Hi Will, Sounds terrible so not sure how this feature works.


Hi Will I have it partially figured it out. I am able to transpose one note but with multiple notes it produces weird results so it doesn’t solve my need which is to transpose an entire tune. Bit of a bummer.


@Archie, I have not tried it but you should try the Using Fingering:

From Fret:
To Fret:

From D to G, you would move Up 5 frets. From D to E, You would move 2.

Just make sure to check the box to Transpose all Modules.


I tried all the modes. Just can’t get it so I gonna leave it for now. Maybe @BanjoBen or @Mark_Rocka can come up with a solution


D to G is a perfect 4th and D to E is a 2nd.



I had provided @Archie the intervals too… but I think his real question is how to use the transpose feature in TablEdit… as one of the options was to use intervals.

I am not sure if @Archie got it figured out but I was trying to lend a helping :raised_hand: to provide a solution. :+1:

Hi @BanjoBen & @WillCoop Thanks for this. Late last night I was having a hard time trying to transpose a section of TAB from D to G and from D to E. all I knew was I needed to change the number of intervals. But I was being a little over ambitious and tried transposing multiple modes.

With a clear head this morning I figured it out and finally got the results I was aiming for. Job Done very_happy

Just whilst I am on this topic. Is there a chart ( a quick guide) that shows all note transitions?



Thanks Ben that’s brilliant !!! Removes any doubt and so simple to see it charted out.


Ask @BanjoBen and ye shall receive, @Archie!


Bringing this back to TablEdit. In the transpose menu, the “intervals” are half steps. Do note:
:arrow_right: you have to set the desired measures to apply the transposing :arrow_left: . The default is only the current measure. I suspect that is why you got the weird results. It works, but is not real intuitive and can make a mess of things. One other feature I find handy is under Score|Instrument|Tuning tab|Capo. Depending on what you want to do, that is sometimes the right tool instead of “transposing”

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Thanks Mike, I got it in the end. What my goal was, was to take a harmonica solo and mash it between to banjo breaks, The problem was I had these tabbed out in the Key of G and E but the harmonica tab was in D. I have never transposed anything before so it was a steep learning curve. Pleased to say the end result was good. Now the work starts on learning the backup. I already have the banjo breaks nailed. The transpose works fine so long as you highlight the section you need to transpose. I should say the tabbed section was just the basic melody. Not sure how it would work over banjo licks. But that’s a task for another day.