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Tonights the Night



Cool! That’s a good price!

I cant believe the price also and its only 17miles away and i’ve played there as well with my band

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That’s cool!

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post a snipet if you can

will do @MissMaggie

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Some pics from the gig last night… what a great show by two of my favourite players and the nicest of guys you could wish to meet. (Video to follow soon…) @BanjoBen Ron said hello!!

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Hey Y’all

Some footage from last night… enjoy


Wow Lee, that is fantastic, I’m so happy for you, and envious of course. Thanks for posting the pics and the vids. So, no backing band; I love that purity, just them. And you got to meet them too, that’s great.

Hi Maggie

Yes its was a cool night and very intimate which is a plus for me. Both of them were so nice and approachable just wish that there was more banjo from Ron as it was 80% guitar from both of them but still a great night…


Hi Lee

Managed to catch the show in Stirling. I even had a front row seat which my friend saved for me. We managed to chat with Ron and Tony briefly during the interval and again after the show. Alas no piccies to share though.


Cool pal glad you managed to catch them :+1: