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Tone/string problems

Up until the last couple of string changes my banjo has sounded fine. Recently I’ve had problems when putting on new strings. I know at first new strings can sound a bit tinny until they get warn in a little but I seem to have lost the tone I had. I’ve checked the head tension with a drum dial and its still the same not changed anything. I tried swapping bridges out but not really helped.
The only other thing I can think of is, could it be my frets? They are pretty worn down and I’ve been putting off refretting as the strings aren’t buzzing or causing intonation issues yet.
Maybe @Jake could chime in with some ideas?

How does the tailpiece to head fit? Are you making good contact with the outside of the tension hoop? You might try the kershner tailpiece. I put it on all my banjos. It make a huge improvement.


If the tone sounds good when open, but poor when fretted, then I think frets are a likely issue. If the tone sounds bad when playing on open strings, the problem is not frets.


Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. :+1:

Are they the same brand and gauge strings you’ve always used?