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Today's Message - Hugs are High Priority

With everything that’s going on right now,The kids must be pretty confused with their whole world turned upside down. So why don’t you just pause what your doing for a moment and give the kids a hug. Social distancing taken into consideration. Hugs help to reassure kids and it makes them feel loved and secure. It also has the same effect on adults.

I am just a BIG KID at heart and it hurts like hell not having my daughters and my 5 grand kids close right now to give them all a big hug. So if like me your confined to quarters and cut off from family because of the restrictions send them a virtual hug.

Here is my virtual hug to y’all. Stay safe, stay indoors, and keep family close



@Archie, we miss our grandchildren as well. Our 5th was born on 02/20/2020 and we only got to see her come home from the hospital. Just pictures ever since. Here’s my hug picture from last year with our other four. Someday we’ll get to do this again.


Hi Jeff, Thanks for sharing. I see you have a potential picker in the background. :hugs::hugs::hugs: I pray that we start to see some levelling off soon. Stay safe, Stay indoors and lets see if we can starve this wild fire of fuel.