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To Israel We Go!

Tomorrow morn I take off for Israel with 27 friends in tow! For those who came to my camp, I’m co-leading the trip with @johnmarkoliver and taking my dear friend Dennis Parker (band member in Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder) with me to do some pickin’! We’ll have many adventures, including a big bluegrass jam in Galilee the night of June 27.

I plan to take a lot of video and create a “tour” to release as the site video after I get back, so keep an eye out for that. And, be sure to catch the updates live by following me on facebook and instagram!


Be safe, be blessed, and be a blessing to those you meet along the way!


Dude! I wish I could go!

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Have a wonderful time and we look forward to your return and hearing bout the trip. I was scheduled to go to Israel in early March with a group my pastor was leading but I had to cancel at the last minute. I would love to have gone on your trip, but oh my, in the summer?

All the best Ben, safe travels and I pray the Lord’s blessings on you and the group.

Safe journey God speed

Safe travels and wishes! Looking forward to the tour video from the man back from Galilee! :slight_smile:

[Put your hand in the hand on the man from Galilee - Elvis]

Maybe a fitting new tune to pick, “the holy land”

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I was a bit shocked seeing that video… I had no idea that Elvis did that in the Aloha from Hawaii playlist. I watched it, and someone cut a bunch of video to make it look like he did. Well done Mr. Whoever-Did-That-Video!

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I hope Elvis is in heaven, cause someday, I’d like to hang with him, and praise the real King together.

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Hi Mike, I used to have the peace in the valley album and I remembered this song and when I googled this came up, so thought of posting. Never really paid attention to the hawaii garland/attire/background. Good catch!

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Lets hope Treble… I used to listen to all his gospel songs.

Cool. I listen to his greatest Gospel hits, (I think it’s called). It’s about 41 of his Gospel songs, and it’s incredible.

Yeah I think 40 songs album… I love them.

Hello from the bottom of the Red Sea!


So from cuba to scuba?? Oh red sea, cool!!


Interesting to think that the Ancient Egyptians might have had the same view of the Red Sea at one point.


lol… interesting way of looking!

So how come it’s call the Red sea if it’s blue???


Whoever named it might have seen it early in the morning during sunrise! :wink:

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Someone was wearing pink shades :rofl:

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