To Colorado we go


Me and the fam are headed to Colorado this Saturday…will be the first time for my little girls to see real mountains! We’ll be in the Breckenridge area for a few days, then over toward Colorado Springs. Let me know if you’re in the area!


I’m coming for you, @5stringpreacher…one day.


When it does, it’ll be the Lord working all things together. In the meantime, the critters are patiently waiting.

I got my crosshairs on Nashville, myself…one day.


I actually checked on ticket prices to Denver as soon as I read that because they’re usually dirt cheap. If I didn’t need to be here on Sunday, I could’ve snagged an $89 round trip ticket. They kinda keep me busy on Sunday’s around here, though.


Sweet! I love Breck and COS. If you get tired of fancy food, try Windy City Pizza at Breck. It is Chicago-ish style. Garden of the Gods in COS is gorgeous. Have fun!


Have a great time Ben & family. Praying the Lord keeps you safe…


Only ever seen it in the movies, beautiful scenery.


The winter snow started to fall the day we got here. About to eat some Windy City Pizza for lunch–thanks, @Mike_R!



Y’all tall fellers gotta go to Colorado to do any mountain hiking, us short (vertically challenged) folks just have to find a large speedbump :joy: enjoy your vacation :smile:


Just looks like Scotland except for the street signs and yellow lines. @BanjoBen


Yay, snow! I am jealous, in a non-bad-but-happy-for-you kind of way.