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Hello, I haven’t bee playing long using Ben’s website. I’ve got Boil Dem Cabbage Down and Worried Man Blues. However I am don’t playing in correct timing. I don’t quite following which or how many stings on a 1/4 not to pick or 1/8 notes? Any help or tips I can practice. I’ve tried the metronome with no luck of understanding what I am supposed be doing.


Mr Gs theory training will help. Watching all the lessons would be well worth it.


Go to Ben’s TEF files on each of those lessons and slow it down as much as you need to, to play along. The TEF file shows you exactly when to strike each string, in time. For me the TEF files are a must in learning to play. Greatest thing since sliced bread.


I second the TEF file recommendation. Along the same lines, make use of Ben’s MP3 jam tracks and the videos where he plays the songs through slowly.


Hi Jason

I agree with @Treblemaker about Mr G’s Theory Lessons and @lonewolf223 and @Mark_Rocka on using Tef files will speed the learning process. But I also encourage you to listen carefully to @BanjoBen when he is explaining things like quarter notes eighth notes and sixteenth notes in his lessons. That is really where all the magic happens

To use a Tef file you will need TefVeiw or

Check out this link to learn more.

TablEdit - RU a Nubie ? READ THIS

I haven’t watched Mr. G’s videos but 7 years ago Ben did a lesson on Cripple Creek (now called ‘Cripple Creek Timing’) where he went over basic note reading and counting.

You can learn by ear but reading note values and being able to count is really pretty easy and makes learning from tab much, much easier.

@jstamey84, There are enough “seasoned” players in here that will give you the correct advice. I agree with @Treblemaker, @lonewolf223, @Mark_Rocka, and @Archie that the Tef files and the MP3 files will help you out a ton. Also, the nice thing about the Tef reader is that you can “Highlight” whatever you need to work on. IMHO i would suggest just doing a couple of measures or measure at a time until you have them down pat, Also if you can try either a set of earphones or headphones and plug them into your computer (or laptop) that way you can hear the notes a little bit clearer without any outside distractions. I use headphones myself just because i have wooden floors and my banjo is extremely loud it makes it easier for me to hear the timing and the melody… Try it to see if it works better for you.


I took piano when I was a young lass and played clarinet in band. I still reviewed the theory classes by Mr. G. They are excellent! I, too, would highly recommend them.