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Timing best way to train yourself

I didn’t realize when I was learning to play trumpet in school having others playing added and help set the tempo and timing also the teacher. I am finding as with I guess most. I am having a bit of trouble think on the timing (with metronome) and I make simple mistakes in my picking with out the metronome I still count but I speed up . will keep working but does anyone have an alternative way to train for timing and tempo


Hey @Sailor you are not alone
I worked on this issue a lot and still do - I find that tapping your feet helps a lot, I usually tap it on each first beat of the measure by default but if I am having trouble at a particular piece I will even tap 4x times per measure to help my body suck the idea in

I have seen other musicians bob their head or rock their bodies lighly, whatever feels more natural goes I reckon - Make sure you have fun and alllow yourself to make mistakes, they are ok! It is all part of a long learning curve


Are you using the .tef tab files?


thanks Frankb_be for the input I’ve been trying to tap my foot as I did when I played trumpet but the chair I use is to low I think and my leg movement moves the banjo and breaks my concentration, I am a wood worker ( fine wood work antique repair and restoration etc ) I am working on a practice stool well two, one at 24 inches and one at 30 inches the two height that have been recommended to me.


Thanks Ben did the down loads and so on this morning was the first day trying to use the tef tab it is hard to change but I like it it had me ready to through the banjo, computer, chair and cat out the window :pouting_cat: so had to take a break but I like it I feel once I am more comfortable with it it will really help me. thanks again.:smiley:


well had the first ok practice used my phone metronome with ear buds worked well at 60 bpm for the next while timing is the main thing (while working rolls) with out timing songs wont sound wright and you cant play with any other picker ( I would say musician buy I am fra from one ) the tef are great but I got to get my internal metronome working again.

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