Thumbpick troubles


I bought a new thumbpick because I filed my old one down. I had heard this would tone down the 5th string volume. Well it did, however, it also toned down all the strings I pick besides the 5th leaving the notes basically toneless. I noticed I’m scraping strings a bit with my new thumbpick. My thumb doesnt arch back enough to hit the string square. I was wondering if anyone out there tried to boil it and give it a tweak or any other suggestions. Thanks


Interesting…I need to see it up close. Perhaps take a closeup photo with your thumb resting on the 5th string exactly how you’d strike it.


Here are 3 attempts.


Hey Doug,

I had the same problem. I even posted about it 6 months ago or so. I now use a medium thumb pick with a smaller blade, and it works well with me.

But honestly, I think that just being aware of it, and practicing helped the issue even more.

Hope you find this useful.



Hello Dougfish,

Check out Zookies thumpicks. They have a twist on the end which allows for a more parallel strike on the strings. They come in three different angles… a 10 being the least, a 30 being the most and the 20 being in between. I have the 20 in Large. They only come in Large or Medium and the Large is still too small for my big thumbs. I would try a couple different ones (they’re cheap enough), but try for sure the L-20. They come in your choice of one color… white. It may help you or may not, but it might be worth a try. There may be similar picks available, but these are the only ones I’ve seen. Good Luck,



BTW… I’ve taken up Resonator Guitar lately, I don’t play banjo at all, but I wouldn’t think hand position would be much different. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m a flatpicker, but either way the Zookies may help.









Honestly it looks pretty good…not near the angle I was imagining.


I seem to be getting the scrape (only occasionally) when I go to the inside strings. Is there such a thing as “breaking in” a new pick? I had the other one for about 6 years, maybe I wore some of the pick off. The new one is pretty much the same as my old one in size of blade. Thanks for comments and suggestions and keep them coming.


There are definitely times when I get a scratchy sound with those plastic picks, yes! That is one reason why I went to the BlueChip. Listen–buy a BlueChip. I know they’re expensive, but I guarantee you’ll love it. If you don’t, I’ll make it right.


i’ve been intrigued by these picks for a while now… I was going to order 1 but wasn’t sure of the size. Now I’m pretty sure it’s a large, however, now I see there are 2 models. I was wondering what model you use. The Golden Gate I have is a comfortable blade length. I tried to compare it with the pictures in the store but its tough. The Carson looks a tad longer and the JD looks about the same as the Golden Gate but rounder. If you or other BlueChip owners have any suggestions let me know. I’ve never seen one in any music stores in my area to try on/out.




Try out the JD Large if you’re coming from the Golden Gate.


Looks like hot dogs and wiener soup the rest of the week.


Hahaha! You’re gonna love it, and I bet you don’t lose it!


Fascinating. I was going to ask this similar question. My ProPik Thumbpick often hits on the side of the blade. I have corrected but still really on the side. I took the pick and bent the blade at a slight angle. Now it strikes the string even. It was pretty easy to do since this type of pick has a metal band on it. I don’t guess there is any problem with this.


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