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Thumb picks

Anyone have any ideas on how to pad the inside of a thumb pick to make it fit a little more snug? RN

maybe double-sided tape and your choice of material inside of that?

or blob of glue from a hot glue gun that you can file down after it cools.

I’ve never had to do this but those two things are what I would try.

I’ve read before that some will take a pocket knife and slice up the inside to make it rough enough for your thumb to stay gripped to it.

I promise I’m not trying to upsell you, but the Bluechip thumbpick really helps with this as the band is metal and can be adjusted. As far as plastic goes, you can dip it in hot water then squeeze it to mold it.


No joke, the Bluechip thumbpics Ben sells are excellent. Not like I’m any pro, I’m just a beginner but the plastics were tight for me and pinching at my nail. The Bluechip is bendable, fits perfect and is very comfortable.


I have used duct tape to add a few thousands. I used the propik with the metal band. I like the shorter blade and its good if you are not able to get the BlueChip which rock but are pricey.