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Thumb pick band to make your own thumb pick

I love my bluechip thumb pick for playing banjo and very happy to share that fact with anyone, at the same time calling it THE BEST INVESTMENT ever and obtesting that I will NEVER switch to anything else. So a friend, who also makes guitar picks and is always looking for new projects, perceived it as a challenge and now wants to make me a better-than-BC thumb pick. Although this is not gonna happen, I’m kinda intrigued to see what he can do, but I have to provide the metal band (to attach the pick) to him.

Anyone an idea where you could buy these metal bands or should I better get a cheap thumbpick with a metal band (like Propik) that I can demount for this project?


Hey Jacqueline! Welcome to the board!

I’ve personally never seen thumb pick bands without the pick part available for sale, but then I’ve never been looking for one, either. Personally, I’d find an all metal thumb pick that you think is comfortable, and then grind down the pick part so that the metal looks similar to the shape of the metal part of your BlueChip. Then drill a couple of holes for the rivets and see what kind of magic your friend can make.

Keep us posted. I’m also intrigued. :slight_smile:

I tried a Full Metal pick when I first started learning to play banjo. I found it too ridged and the clicking sound drove me nuts. I have since tried all manner of plastic picks and settled with the Jim Dunlop Clear Plastic thumb pic. I like my Blue Chip JD pick but I prefer the clear plastic pick.

Not sure what type of metal is employed on the Blue Chip, it certainly seems to have similar qualities to Stainless Steel and Spring Steel both these types of steel are highly refined and expensive to manufacture and that might be the reason the BC has such a high price tag.

I use ProPick Stainless Steel angled finger picks. Again after much trial and error (and physical pain) of other brands and styles I finally settled on these.

Hi Mark,

Yes, I think that’s what I’m going to do.
Will post an update on the project here, but it seems I’ll only be back in the US in September so it’ll take a while. Bear with me :slight_smile:!!


I tried 2 different size BC thumb picks but they didn’t work for me, so ended up back with my cheap Fred Kelly. :wink: intrigued by this DIY pick.

Did this project ever get completed?