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Thumb Pick Advice

Hi All

I’ve been using a ProPik thumbpick and in the few months I’ve been playing I’ve got used to it but thought I would try a few others and just received a golden gate thumb pick and it’s much bigger and I’m not sure if I should now get used to the bigger thumb pick or stick with the ProPik

I really want to try a BlueChip JD Crowe model but if that’s much bigger than the ProPik I’m not sure if I should get one or not


I have no experience with either, but I would put a little effort into the new one and see if it gives you any speed or accuracy advantage

Ok will try it out a bit longer it just feels strange being to much longer than the other

I’ve got both those and don’t care for either. The Golden Gate was too big, thick and heavy. The Pro never wrapped around my thumb securely enough, then when I attempted to adjust it, the thin metal just twisted into odd shapes. Wish I had just invested in a Blue Chip or JD in the beginning. Good Luck LG1,


Thanks for that I’m gonna get a JD I think and just get used to it :+1:


Do you have. Picture of the JD at the side of the ProPik to get a size comparison


I just started using the Golden Gate. I had used Dunlop and National previously. The Dunlops chip off pretty easily. I have gone through 2 in 6 months. The Golden Gate seems more durable. They fit about the same. I would like to try a Blue Chip sometime. I did not realize the Propik was that much smaller. I think that would mess me up going to one of those.

Hi @JoeB

Same as me now as the ProPik was my first Thumb Pick and I’ve got used to the size and when I try the golden gate I feel so clumsy

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Oh I don’t have a JD but Ben has them at the General Store LG1… I’m hoping for one in my stocking. :smiley:

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Hi @Butch

I love to purchase via Bens store but being from the Uk the customs charges etc make doing so very expensive so have just purchased a JD Crowe BlueChip from a uk supplier

Hope it comes before Xmas :grinning:

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Sweet, it is expensive but it’s worth it. At least for me. I had a long journey with picks until I tried that.
Never gonna change. Hope you like it as much as me.


Thanks pal can’t wait for it to come :+1:


I have just received the JD BlueChip Thumbpick and will have to get used to it compared to my original ProPik as it does have a larger Pick but not as big as the golden gate (pic later of all)

First thoughts after a very quick try are that it’s very comfortable and sounds brighter with more clarity

I’m gonna put it through its paces later and then let you all know my thoughts



Here a pic of the different pick sizes

Left to right: ProPick, BlueChip JD, National & Gleden Gate

So far the BlueChip Pick is amazing but will prob send back for a Medium as the Large is a tad big


The Blue Chip is an awesome pick and extremely comfortable. My only complaint with the blue chip is that I tap the head more with it than I did my previous Dunlop. I have to be really intentional to not tap the head, and I haven’t been able to break the habit in a year.

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I had that same problem when I switched to the Bluechip, Brandon. I finally figured out that I was just picking too hard. So, I’ve learned to recognize that I need to lighten up on my picking hand whenever I heard that thumb pick hitting the head.

I’ll be curious to know if you experience the same thing. Merry Christmas!

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I have the same problem Mark. I have not been able to stop it yet. Thought maybe i would just have to live with it. Also thought maybe I was the only one who could hear it. Nobody has ever said they could here it. Love the JD pick though, does not seem to wear at all. Worth every penny. My teacher say’s there made out of kevlar, like the vests. He say’s they’ll never wear out, don’t know if that’s right or not.

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If you get a medium Bluechip and feel you need to open it up a bit be careful not to go too far because it may be impossible to close up even the smallest amount because the metal is so springy and hits the picking material before it can be bent back to original shape at the tightest bend in the metal band. I have almost gone too far with opening up my large and can’t close it tighter at all.

That’s not true of my BlueChip. It doesent have a lot of wear on it after a year, but it does have some.