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Thinking About July

I’m fortunate to be one of the folks looking forward to the camps in July. Lord willing, I’ll be at the camp on the 4th of July. So I got to thinking and thought y’all might like to see some videos of the type of “social togetherness” I hope we get to experience in July. This is a video my daughter generated of our family reunion at my folks place on the lake here in Alabama back in 2014. Due to my mom’s fragile health, we haven’t done this the last few years, but we used to create a fireworks show that we launched from a raised deck over the dock that my dad and I built a few decades ago.
The Little Family and Friends Reunuion


And here’s a video of the last 10 minutes of the 30 minute show. These are all retail fireworks, but we use a wireless ignition system and taped fuses to create a show synchronized to music. We pressed a button and then just sat back and enjoyed the show. Keep watching to the end to see the “sparkler gathering” we always did as the finale for the reunion. Hope you get some enjoyment out of this.
Last 10 Minutes of the Little 2014 Fireworks Show