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Theres No Place Like Show Me the Way to go Home!

Hey folks!
Some of you may have watched the videos my sons & I made for my Dad as he was recovering in hospital. Good news - after almost 2 months in there he’s finally been released and is doing well! We made this video for the staff to play for him when he found out he’d be released soon.

This is a song he always sang and played guitar with in a kind of “Thump Thump Thump” way. Apparently he had some very crude lyrics that he used to sing that I’ve never heard cuz mom gave him the death stare when he’d try to sing it late at nite around the campfire, so he would just sing the same chorus over and over to stay outta trouble!

Anyway, heres our version of his version. The cats are in there because when he was staying with us is when we found them as abandoned kittens that had to be bottle fed. He has not seen them since last year when they were small.

One other note
(yeah, yall know I’m long winded😖!)
False start was due to Guitar Son “having a plan”…
“Guitar Son” never sings but he wanted to sing it for his Grandad. @Mike_R - “Guitar Son” really does have an actual name, its Deven :grin: and BanjoSon is Branden :grin:!


Hi @Simone I too have sung this song with so dubious actions in my younger days after a few pints of liquid refreshment. The lyrics and actions i could not repeat here. May I just say that was some fine pickin on the mandolin.

Oh hi Deven Guitar Son & Branden Banjo Son


Lol! I’ll be sure to relay the greeting​:grin:! Fun fact: BanjoSon Branden often gets called “Branjo” (which kinds makes me think of @BanJoe 's forum handle!) Thank you @Archie!!! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s awesome that Dad is home and what a great way to celebrate. Well done!

Nice to meet you Deven and Branden/Branjo.


Great job y’all!


Blended together beautifully! And nice picking on Mando and Guitar playing too!!


That was fun!!! And it inspired me to hoist a few :wink:
Some nice hot licks in there too. Well done!


That was fun! Good job, guys! (and kitties)


Thanks everyone for watching & for the :purple_heart:!

@Mike_R - Thank You! Yes we are super glad he’s out of hospital!! Will convey the msg to the guys.

@Dragonslayer - Thank You Gunnar!!

@JohnM - Thank you!

@BanJoe - Thank You!

@xmark - Thank You!


So glad your dad is heading home, @Simone. I know how much that means for y’all. Very fun video, too! That song always reminds me of my favorite part of the movie “Jaws” where they compare scars. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you @JKL ! Yes, as you know it does mean alot when they come home! Even if (in our case) that’s several hours away! Jaws! Lol! We had fun making the vid, glad you enjoyed it, thanx for watching!


GREAT news about you Dad! My sons have real names to but I’ve called them a lot of different names over all these years and can’t quite remember the rite ones any more??? :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:

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lots of fun as Archie said I sang this song when I was a young sailor on liberty in a number of ports as best as I can remember lol great job.


Great fun, and heart warming too. Happy for ya’ll. Very proud Gramp’s and Papa I’m sure!


@jon1 :grin::rofl: Lol! And Thank You!!

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@Sailor , Thank You!! It was a fun one to do!! Lotsa laughs along the way!

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@Butch , Thank You!! We had a good time doing this one, especially since it was for his release & all…