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The Wreck of the 'ol John Henry,

Do you guys ever get recording fright? Apparently I do. I’ve been working on John Henry for about a week and have gotten it down fairly well. Actually to the point where I can get through it virtually flawlessly and at a reasonably fast tempo. So, getting cocky I decided it’s time to record. I have never, ever recorded myself. Something happens once I pushed record and I couldn’t do anything right. I don’t know how many takes it took me just to get this one I am going to share against my better judgement but I am doing it to get better and to have something in which to gage my progress. When you hear it you’ll understand why I call it the Wreck of the 'ol John Henry.

Sorry. It wouldn’t let me upload the file although the file is only 1,064 kb and it says max file can only be 4000 kb. Not sure what happened but the question about recording fright still applies.

Very common…“red light fever”

I usually have the same as your experience, then after recording is done I can play much better…go figure…and I record, for the last several years, several hours almost daily.

50-100 takes on a break is commonplace for me.


I gonna keep recording just to get used to it and and track my progress…or regression. Whatever the case my be.

That’s how I do it. I just continue to record and save it if I did something I liked…it makes for nice breaks if my hands get tired I can listen back for a bit to see if I’m really correctly hearing what I’m doing.

I went thru the same thing about an hour or two ago. I figure if I can get 50% of the song right I’m batting 100%.:grinning:

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I just don’t understand why is won’t let me upload the file. It’s well below the max file size of 4000kb

I don’t know.

what type of file?

Are you trying to upload directly from your computer? I usually link through youtube, google drive, or dropbox.

Yeah, straight from the computer. It’s an M4A audio file. 1,060 kb

might try converting it to an MP3 and see if that works.

I dont know alot about computer stuff and was hoping someone would jump in but what I did was record the smallest numbered mp3 . I had to drag it from the folder and place it in the upload box. It put it in the area that you would normally reply in.

Then I had to put a blockquote on the end of the audio url and space to the end of the line to start my description on the next line down. There may be a better way but it was my first also. As long as you record with that smaller number Mp3 you will figure the rest out.

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Mp3 32k

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Yes. The solution is to leave the camera on whilst practicing, gets you used to the feeling it’s watching you. Just focus on your playing. Save any good recordings delete the bad. Problem solved

Hi Keith if your uploading video to YouTube you need to save the file as an MP4. Some software force a different format. YouTube will reject attempts to upload the same file even if you change it’s filename. Best to save the file to your HD then upload. Make sure the file is not too big. Also you might care to search the web for a free video file converter. Changing the file format might help resolve the problem.

I’ts just a plain audio file.

In that case mp3 works best.

Itunes can convert the file if you have it.

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I’m sorry about the file issue. @stixx3969, please email it to me at and let me try.

And y’all don’t want to know how many times I have to do a take…y’all just get to see the decent ones :wink:


Hi Keith @Mark_Rocka recommends at least 192k on the mp3 and @BanjoBen records 320k. Sorry for suggesting 32k and I hope your winning on the recording.