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The Recording King RK-R36

Holy smokes, y’all. Pound for pound I just don’t think you can beat it.


I’ve been on the Recording King boat since it’s rocky modern inception. Greg Rich started Recording King after leaving Blueridge and is the chief designer of the banjos and guitars. He’s a heck of a nice fellow and a great designer (as you know, Blueridge guitars play way above their price point). Early Recording King acoustics suffered from the occasional pulling bridge (poorly glued). I know cause I bought an RD-316 (adi-topped hog with ebony fittings, Grover sta-tites and nitro finish) whose bridge was giving up the ghost early. I liked it so much that I just removed the bridge myself and reglued it properly (it will be on there tight long after I am gone). I don’t believe they are still having any problems with QC and bridges. A few of my banjo friends have bought the RK banjos and love them, punchy, loud and ringing!

We are living in the second golden age of stringed instruments!


I agree…it really is amazing what’s going on. I was trying to become an RK dealer and couldn’t break through. I had never talked with Greg but sent him a facebook message, of all things, and left my number. A few minutes later, “Hey Ben, this is Greg Rich. How can I help you?” Incredible.