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The Purple Hulls

Hey Ben,
I gleaned a bit from your bio about your road to musical mastery and how and where you studied. I ran across some videos of you and your incredibly talented sisters known as the Purple Hulls. Their website didn’t seem to give much info but when and where did they learn their mastery of bluegrass instruments? Did you teach them? BTW, how in the world does such a young man such as yourself find the time to learn all of your instruments and to become a pilot? Dang…

Hey Keith!

I can’t take too much credit for them gals. I’d come home from college over Christmas or summertime and show them what I’d learned that semester…they’d have it down in a few days. The went out to South Plains College after high school and studied for a few years with Alan Munde and Joe Carr (and other great instructors). They grew so much there, then they moved to Nashville and got even better. They are licks and licks beyond me now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you saw my undergrad transcript you’d know how I got good at all those instruments…haha! I played a lot in college, then went out to South Plains College and played for 8+ hours a day for a couple years. Flying came much later. Don’t forget that I’m almost 40!


40? Your’e just a kid! Thanks for the info, Ben.

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Well, Banjo brother (mentor)… still young - but you look much younger. It is good to know that we are not quite to the generation gap.

Still so many accomplishments… especially pastor.


By God’s grace alone, that’s for sure.

I saw a piece that was sort of a broadcast in Texas on your talented sisters. Very touching and very impressive young, dedicated ladies.

What I need to tell you - in that I hardly can say I know you… but that the values that your family, your father, your church and your upbringing has instilled far outshines the incredible gift of talent each of you have.

Plus, as you say… there was lots of work (ok FUN work) that polished your talent for music. It takes both.

Ben, we are blessed you are there for us.

Well, this is sincere but sounding a bit more serious than I first intended - so let me lighten it up a bit.

Your humor has grown on me too… as it makes you less intimidating and more REAL to me. With what you went through losing your dad, I admire you hold onto that too - and don’t ever lose it.

That said, is there a place where maybe you can put those fun videos together for access. Maybe seems like a dumb request - but I miss that old welcome message from you “cousin” with the mullet. AWESOME.

I even miss the G-lick intros - even as I respect the new site is far more substantive - but please keep a bit of that fun humor too.


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If you ever get a chance to see the Purple Hulls play live, don’t miss it. Those ladies are just as good in person as they are on their albums (I have 3 of them.) When they came to Houston, we got tickets to see them for $10 each. Talk about a deal!

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I saw them on RFD TV about four months ago with Asleep at the Wheel. They both got the chops big time.

The sister that plays guitar can span 5 frets clean as any one I’ve ever seen. Loved it!

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They’re really into Texas Swing by the way.

If they ever come somewhere close to my parts her in GA one day I’ll be buying tickets for sure.

They look like dainty little lasses next to Ben, until you find out that Ben is a freaking giant. Katy was wearing heels when I met her, but I had to look up at quite an angle to make eye contact, and I’m 5’ 10".

If that’s the case, I’d be searching for a chiropractor after. :joy:

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Given I’m 5’4 on a tall day.