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The Purple Hulls reunite - What a Friend We Have in Jesus

I shot this in landscape, but my phone decided it would put it in portrait, so it’s been sitting on my phone sideways since camp. I finally got time to rotate and post it.

This is the day before camp when they were sound checking and running through a song or two. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Wow… that was Awesome and i thought Ben was the talented one… :wink:

Thanks for sharing! I really like how they blend accoustically into one central mic like that; voices and instruments. Did you happen to notice what brand / type of mic they used? How is it ‘plumbed’ into an amp? Was there external phantom power required?

Standing together like that seems like it would facilitate good voice/sound feedback from members of your band. Often, we’ll be spread out in front of an audience with Sennheiser mics and guitar cables and extra mics for banjo, fiddle…it all becomes a wiring project. Your example just seems so much cleaner. I’m interested in understanding. :roll_eyes:

Yay! Thanks for posting!!! That is fantastic. Neil, I agree… they work the mic very well and make it look easy.

Working the mic, or choreography, as they called it, was a big part of the final grade for the camp’s battle of the bands. My band set up practice around a tree in the yard and used that as our mic. :slight_smile:

I don’t recall hearing any details about that particular mic, but @BanjoBen probably knows.

That’s an Ear Trumpet, model is the Louise:

Yes, it requires it phantom as it is a condenser mic :wink:

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Cool! Mic work also helps the guitar solo to be heard, and I’d imagine would be a bit cheaper too

Thanks. I’m impressed by the mic’s capability. Will have to get one on order. Quite pricey though I see… Seems like it would simplify performing although as @Mark_Rocka points out, then mic choreography comes into play to balance out the sound.

Who cares about how it sounds? That mic LOOKS phenomenal!!!

Fair warning… working a mic requires knowledge, skill and experience. You are only as strong as the weakest link. You aren’t only balancing instruments, but also voices. I love to see it when it works well, but I have seen performances that I wondered if anyone other than the banjo player was actually making noise. But that was ok… I like banjo!


Good-Point. I have a brother in law that actually saw Flatt & Scruggs play I believe at a Fairgrounds once. He was astonished at how far away from the mic Earl Scruggs played his banjo.