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The Purple Hulls - New Christmas Album

Hey Guy’s

Just got done listening to The Purple Hulls - New Christmas Album and I just wanted to say I :heart: it!

It’s truly an outstanding recording.


What? Where?

How to get it please?

Looks like you can buy it on their web site.

A Christmas Album

Several of us here had access to the MP3 downloads yesterday because we helped fund the production process. Definitely get it. It’s money well spent.

Grrrr! The forum keeps changing the link into a picture you can’t click. Just go to www .ThePurpleHulls .com


It’s available anywhere digital music is sold, too!


Please Pass along congratulations to your talented sisters for a warm, snazzy (in the most flattering terms - but the adjective fits) and touching Christmas collection.

You should be proud.

For those who have - Spotify has it!

My wife ordered the CD and it arrived yesterday. We listened to it several times last night and really enjoyed it. Their vocal harmonies are incredibly tight, and the instrumental work outstanding. Love the retro theme inside and out!


Did you get to hear it @Maggie