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The old hen (cluck old hen) Jim Mills

When I heard Jim Mills playing this I loved his version so much I thought, I gotta learn that. Found a little tutorial that said it was the Jim Mills version, thought… Mm… Still don’t sound like his. So slowed his version right down so I could try and pick out what he was playing.
Not playing it up to speed yet as I can’t quite get those tricky little riffs at the end.
I also cocked it up a bit at the end, but I’m working on it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So here it is so far (shortened version) warts and all just recorded on my phone. Using my other old (cheap) Ashbury banjo.


Love it!

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Nice job!



Thanks Ben. Not quite there yet, still trying to get it all together but I will keep practising. :+1: