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The Masters

…golf tournament is on TV while I brush up on a classic break from the Scruggs catalogue. []


Yeah Boy! Uh huh. Nice job John. That’s in the Scruggs book? I should go back re-visit that, I like that up the neck part.

I didn’t know if your link was gonna be you playing or the golf tourny. Glad it was you :grinning:

Nice picking Jonny

Where do I get the Scruggs. Book?

Here’s the Amazon link for Earl Scruggs and the 5 String Banjo

Thanks for that

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Oops, I was going off memory and my memory was off. Now I don’t know how I learned it. It’s not in my version of the book that my dad bought in the 60’s second hand.

I had to edit my post because it wasn’ In my Scruggs book. Memory fail.

I learned it here


Banjo Ben has an awesome lesson for it in the intermediate learning track.