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The MARRY Song (not Wedding Song... Oops) by Band of Horses

I am such a fan of these guys and would like to hear some of their music cross over to Bluegrass versions… NW Apt., Ode to IRC, The Funeral, On My Way Back Home, Laredo… but the Wedding Song.

If you don’t know this song, check it out… only 3 chords… but the melody and harmony fit sooo perfectly for me. This song reaches down and grabs me, you know?

I once posed a question about bands or songs we would like to hear in Bluegrass style.

Any takers?

I would say skillet, but that would be sacrilegious to fans on both sides :joy: but I would like to see a mighty fortress done as bluegrass :thinking: :trumpet:

My group approppriates music from other genres on a regular basis. Some songs work better than others. It is often a matter of just speeding them up.

I googled it but did not find it.

If you have any streaming service… like Spotify… they have it. Also, YouTube. In fact, the song also does have a number of people who have covered it.

I finally found it it was way down on the search list.
I could not understand one word they were singing .

is it this song?

Nope… No wonder… it is called the Marry Song… my bad! SO SORRY!

I will try to modify the subject line to be accurate

Marry Song


NW Apt.

Ode to IRC

On my way back Home

And last but not least… The Funeral

Here are some ideas about how I would approach this -sorry but I did not work hard enough on it to be any good. These are just some ideas.

oops I said 6th min but it is the 2nd

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Thank you so much for the input and feedback. You brought a smile to my face… hearing this song changed up. AWESOME

Let’s try this link…a live performance

Ode to LRC… I hope this works

When I was trying to figure out what songs I’d like to hear at my wedding, I came across this article, it really helped me out. What do you think? Too old-school?

Hmmm… interesting options…

What? No “Don’t Stop Believing”? :smirk:

I think I’ll stay with the Marry Song… Although, not for everyone, I’m sure…

Welcome to the site!

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Here’s a old one…