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"The Grinch"...My Review

Saw “The Grinch” on saturday, and I give it this. :+1::+1: and this, :star::star::star::star:

I very highly recommend this. You can attend with any family member and will not feel uncomfortable about anything.

My takeaways

  • Kept a 7 and a 2 year old focused for at least 95% of the movie
  • No commonplace subtle digs at Christianity or any other faith
  • Christmas carols were sung which included phrases such as “Jesus” and “Christ the Lord”
  • A single parent family was portrayed with compassion and respect
  • No gut busting laughs, but there were “giggles”, if you will throughout
  • No politically correct references to anything
  • Dr. Seuss would be quite pleased with how his story was portrayed, though there is a bit of creative license.
  • This grinch was a bit “warmer” throughout the story than the previous grinches

A great way to enjoy some family time with the little one. Don’t forget to stash some M&M’s in your handbag.


Been wondering about this one. It seemed redundant since the Jim Carrey version isn’t all that old yet.

Thanks for the review.

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