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The General Store

Just wanted to post a note about the high quality of service one gets when dealing with Jake at the General Store. First, I made an inquiry to him about an Eastman PCH-D 1 they were offering as to whether it would be a good choice as in entry level guitar for my 14 yr granddaughter who is showing some interest in learning to play.
He said it would be an excellent choice, so I asked if they could put light strings on it and set it up with low action so as to give her every chance to succeed . He said they would. So I placed the order and decided to buy an inexpensive case for it. I was expecting an additional charge for the strings and setup, but there was none. I’ll assure you, that won’t happen at most ,if not all other places you buy. Then the next day I got an email saying the order was being shipped with a slight modification. Seems my guitar would not fit in the case, even though it was suppose too. What did Jake do…Upgraded me to a better case at no additional cost!!

I’m telling you, The General Store is a class outfit and delivers quality and service. The only downside for me is I’m a left handed player and can’t and won’t change…lol…and I don’t get the chance to buy a guitar for myself from these people. Maybe one day in the near future they will stock that lefty…I’ve told them I would be their first customer. Hey, but at least my granddaughter is a righty and I can purchase her upgrade when she’s ready…



This is why we don’t make a profit, and I could not care less. Hahaha. Glad we got you taken care of!


Not make a profit? Seems to me I saw a video not too long ago about your sales meeting where you were “encouraging” the staff regarding sales goals.
(But if I remember correctly, their minds seemed to be on other things :grin:)

I would like to second everything Lefty said. The customer service is superb & I am very comfortable with Jake’s recommendations & advice. I long ago banished the idea that he was just another clerk trying to sell me anything just to make a sale.

As a matter of fact, we exchanged e-mails today on a few questions I had about banjo care products.

If only you stocked magic pixie dust for my fingers!


I went to the July 9th Cabin Camp, and we were told we would have our instruments checked out and minor adjustments done at no charge sometime during the 3 days. I had put light gauge strings on my mandolin a couple of days before I left for camp (switching from mediums) and I didn’t like them at all, so I asked Justin when he came for my instrument if I could trade the other light gauge set I had (I bought 2 when I ordered) for a set of mediums and if possible, have them put on. Justin said he would try, but he only had about 20 minutes to devote to each instrument; I told him I understood completely if he couldn’t accommodate my request.

He kept the instrument for a lot longer than 20 minutes and when I got it back it had new medium gauge strings and the neck had been adjusted so it played better with the mediums than it had before with the lights.

Excellent service and !'ll deal with the General Store whenever possible from now on!