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The Forum - On Topic what does that mean?

Hey Guy’s and Gal’s

Lately I have noticed that some threads just keep going on and on pretty much never ending like an Old Timey song with 160 verses and choruses.

The reason I am calling your attention to this is because I have noticed some folks have started creating a bunch of New Topics within an Existing Topic.

So why does this matter I hear you ask. In normal face to face conversations it doesn’t matter much but on an advise forum such as this often the NEW TOPIC will get missed and the advice being sought never answered fully because it’s jumbled up with the original posters subject matter.

So next time your reading a thread and an idea for a New Topic pops into your head please don’t just add it to the existing conversation go back into the Forum and click on +NEW TOPIC then next to the Subject Box click on the down arrow to find the area of the Forum you want to post your message - I have selected General chit chat as I want everyone to see this.

Add your subject line and your good to go.

Not only will it make it a lot easier for everyone to read YOUR post but the OP will be most grateful that you haven’t hijacked his conversation. Also you will make @BanjoBen 's job a lot easier as he too has to wade through a ton of words to get to your post.

THINK NEW TOPIC BEFORE YOU POST - That’s all I am saying.

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