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The Banjo Project - Virtual Museum Update

Hey Guy’s

I thought I would share this message I received from Marc Fields recently concerning the progress going forward at the The Banjo Project - Online Virtual Banjo Museum

Hi Archie,

Most of the work has been put in on the Timelines especially the 3D models, Maps and Narratives (Musical Passage). We’ve also re-mixed audio for about a dozen of the performances. The Bios are relatively simple to construct since they’re largely text and links to other elements on the site, and we hope to return to the bios later this summer.

The Pandemic shutdown has slowed down work considerably. My small team cannot meet, and we no longer have access to post-production facilities at Emerson College (where we teach), since it shut down March 18. We’re finding ways to deal with the logistical issues from isolation, but it definitely has slowed us down.

Thank you for your continued interest. I hope this note finds you in good health and spirits.

Marc Fields