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A few years ago I supported The Banjo Project to produce a DVD and PBS Documentary Film “Give Me the Banjo”

Marc Fields is now seeking funding to help him realize his ultimate goal, an online Digital Museum about the Banjo it’s history and the people who make it come alive.

To find out more click on the link


Is the documentary out on video?


Hi Brandon yes here’s a link



Bela Fleck talks about Earl’s Sound on The Banjo Project


November 18th is the cut off date to raise $25,000. We should all try to pitch in to make this happen it looks like a great resource to have for the history of the banjo. Search for The Banjo Project for more information.


Hi Timothy, It would be a great loss to the banjo community if this excellent new resource doesn’t make it’s target in time.


With just three day’s to go it looks like The Banjo Project - Digital Museum is unlikely to achieve it’s goal of $25,000. I am really disappointed that this amazing online banjo encyclopaedia hasn’t attracted the support from the banjo community it truly deserves .


Hi everyone, how is this different or is it from


Hi Brad

The Banjo Project was crowd funding in association with Kickstarter to finance an online Digital Museum last year and set up a taster website so folks could see what they hoped to achieve with public support. But as they did not reach their intended target in the time allotted by the rules, money was returned to supporters. So they sought other ways to raise funds.

In December The National Endowment for the Humanities announced it had awarded The Banjo Project a major grant for the production of the Digital Museum to continue with it’s work. It is expected that the Museum will go live in the summertime.

To keep up-to-date with progress I suggest to check out their Facebook Page or contact Mark Fields at the email address below


I just watched “Give Me The Banjo” on Amazon Prime Video for $3.99 rental. Very well done I thought and quite informative. Lot’s of history, I really enjoyed it.


Hi @Maggie That movie was crowd funded on Kickstarter about 8 years ago. I was one of the sponsors to help get it made and received a digital download and a signed photo of Earl Scruggs. Alas Earl didn’t sign the photo but Tony Trischka and Mark Fields did. I think Earl was just too frail to sign all those photos.

Have you seen this video it’s one of my favourites


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