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Thanksgiving Tradition - Alice's Restaurant

Out here on the coast on Thanksgiving it is a tradition to sit in traffic for hours on Thanksgiving. Radio stations reliably play, “Alice’s Restaurant,” which I think is pretty funny. I recently found out that my wife hates that song. (Might be more related to the bladder busting traffic jams that we enjoy in California on any sort of a holiday or weekend.) How do you feel about the tune? (Those of you not old enough to watch Uncle Walter provide the following day’s draft notice numbers probably don’t really understand the context of the song.)

  • I like it
  • I tolerate it one day a year
  • I hate it

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There are two versions of “Alice’s Restaurant.” One is very short and the other is the entire album side.
As a former DJ who played the song on the radio and had a draft number of an unbelievable 252, I can tell you we professionals preferred the long version.
On the air we would talk about “maintaining artistic integrity with the full, uncut version.” :face_with_monocle:
And when Arlo began his story we would be in the restroom, or “out back”.:sunglasses:

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