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First I want to take this time to thank all the pickers out there who have given me encouragement, great support throughout the last year and almost a half. Next to my Teacher BanjoBen and your staff with out you I would never reached the point where I am at, and yes I count all of you as friends as well. Now for the very hard part. due to the loss of work we are living on my military retirement and social security my work sop has no heat and only three chairs in need of repair so I will not be renewing my Gold Pick membership on the 24th of this month. when and if our financial situation changes I will be back I will take the res of this month to download the lessons in to my computer so I can finish the beginner course and start the intermediate lessons so as not to loose ground until I can rejoin. I must ask how and who to contact to make arrangements to stop my payments. Happy Thanksgivings to all. I will be back here before the last to give a final fare well, God Bless all of you. Dave


Sad to hear that you have to leave, and I hope you’ll be able to return soon! You can always still use the forum even without the Gold membership, and I hope you will!

@aliciabowman is the person to contact for that, should be her email address


Sad to hear you leaving @Sailor, Best wishes and God Bless!


You said I will be able to use the forum how does that work am I still a member n some way?


You’ll still have access to the Forum, Except you won’t be able to post videos in the Video Swap Members area. The rest of the Forum is freely accessible with the Free Silver Membership so you can still ask questions and we are always here to help if the need arises. Just login as normal.


Thanks so much, I am so very happy that I will still be able to keep in touch with all of you I though when I left the gold pick I wouldn’t be able to even enter the site so while I am sad that I wont be able to use the full site I can still keep in touch GREAT.


Hello, Is anyone here who intrested in music.


All of us!! That’s why we’re here.


No we all hate music.