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Thanks - just thanks during confinement

I’ve been a rhythm guitar player since I got my first Stella in about 1964 and then moved on up to a Gibson J-50 in 1968 and more recently to Martin. Since my good friend up the street (a lifetime Gold Pick member) acquainted me with you and I joined, I’ve been enjoying learning how to play the lead - which at my age (68) isn’t a small task. However, during the “confinement of Spring 2020,” you’ve kept me from going quite mad and my lead skills are slowly improving. I am so glad my buddy recommended you, that God has given you such great talent, and you’ve figured out a way to make a living from it. You’re such a great teacher and your site, tablature and demonstrations are so great even for experienced players. I appreciate all you do to promote musical knowledge. Stay safe and keep up the great work and keep on serving our Lord!


Welcome @mds1214! Nice to see a fresh name posting… :facepunch:


What is more special than having all those God-given talents? Finding a way to share it with the world - not just in performing for our entertainment but in teaching us how to grow and apply what we enjoy.

Amazing to me is how @BanjoBen and his talented sisters can not only be awesome performers but amazing people who share those gifts with all of us.

Then, combining all that with humility, humor and God-praising people acts as an inspiration for me and many, I am sure.

THAT’S what makes this the best website for Bluegrass instruction!

Thanks @mds1214 for your post! Post again soon.



And @mds1214, good day and welcome to the forum!


Thank you so much for the encouragement, and I’m so sorry for the delayed reply. This confinement time has proved to make me busier than ever, for which I’m thankful.