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Thank you guys!

Received the Nechville Galaxy Phantom and goodies and (as expected) it was setup to perfection!

I’ve spent some time on it tonight (just received it a few hours ago) and I must say… I LOVE IT. The Goldtone I bought as my first instrument is a great banjo, but after playing the Nechville for awhile, I can tell the Goldtone will basically be on display from now on :slight_smile:

So here’s a couple things I noticed already and as a beginner, I wanted to share for others that might someday be shopping:

  1. Radius neck: I really REALLY like this. I doubt I will ever go back to a non-radius neck. To be honest I can’t even really explain why but it just feels more natural?

  2. The intonation of the instrument across the entire range is so much better than my Goldtone (which of course could be my setup). Anyway, just amazing. Everything sounds just so much better! This alone was worth every penny to me and I would imagine (hope!) is something that I would find on pretty much all higher-end banjos.

  3. The whole idea of the 5th string tunnel: I also like that a lot. I don’t really think that’s as big as a deal as the other things because the tuner peg has never really bothered me that much (maybe a little). I just hope I don’t get spoiled from it not being there as the tunnel idea doesn’t seem to be a trend that has ever really caught on (although it should!!).

  4. The tone of this instrument is pretty wonderful. One of the things I was a little worried about was that it was going to be “too mellow” of a tone (just judging from other youtube videos, reviews and what-not) . But I must say, after hearing it in person, the tone of this instrument definitely does not sound too mellow to me. I really like it and it sounds great to me for Scruggs style and melodic.

Anyway, thanks again Jake/Ben and have a wonderful Christmas/New Year!


Congratulations on your new banjo! May it serve you well with many blissful years of picking

We want to hear it!:+1:

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Here are a couple hastily put together and butchered recordings (esp. Red River Valley).


Red River Valley:


Sounds and looks great!!!

I saw one with a black head and it looked like the Darth Vader of banjos (a good thing IMHO).

Man that thing sounds fantastic! It has a great mix of warmth and twang. She’s a keeper, for sure.

Nice picking, too. :blush:

Excellent Scott really clean pickin, wish mine sounded that good

Suweeeet! I know what you mean about that radiused fretboard. I really like Nechville’s Galaxy Phantom. Good choice!

You definitely have a ringer! I hope you enjoy it this Christmas season.

Ohhhh… I may have to look into getting one! :slight_smile:

This thing sounds great! I personally play (or have Robby play) all the Nechville banjos we have and approve before they go on the site for sale. You got a really good banjo. And, I sincerely appreciate your support of the General Store!

Id say both of those were performance worthy. Congrats!

I as reading about fingerboard redius’s the other night.

From a guitar perspective, and I assume banjo’s to, a radius’d fretboard is supposed to be easier to play chords on, but harder to bend strings on. The more radius, the easier to chord.

Some brands have a compound radius where there is more radius on the first few frets, and it flattens out as you go further up the neck.

Yeah I believe the nechville uses a compound radius like that.

BTW, another small thing the radius fretboard helps with (although it’s rare at my stage of playing): using the thumb to fret the 5th string seems alot easier to get clean.

Sounds great!