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Tell Me A LIttle About Yourself

As a Beginner, I still don’t really know my way around the Forum very well. For instance, I just discovered tonight that some of the posters have a little background information attached to their avatar. It seems only friendly to describe oneself for the benefit of new friends, so I went to My Account and clicked the EDIT button on my profile. I expected to find a dialog box that I neglected to fill out, but there was nothing there.
Am I barking up the wrong tree? Is there someplace else I’m supposed to put my bio?


You should see 2 avatars at the top right of the page. Click on the 2nd one, the one under “My Account” and “Logout” and next to the search and menu buttons. After clicking that avatar, click on the little gear icon. That takes you to your Forum account. on the left, click “Profile” and you’ll then see an “About Me” section. I believe that’s where you fill that out.


Ah! Found it. Thank you!

Now I have to spend a little time thinking how I will put my best foot forward!
I don’t want it to sound like some online dating profile!

“Likes long walks on the beach in the moonlight…”:crazy_face:


With a Banjoe on his back :rofl:!

Glad @Mark_Rocka got ya hooked up to write your profile :+1:t2::sunglasses:


Years ago a friend and I responded to a personal ad for a guy we worked with. (This was back in the days when people put ads in something called a newspaper and mail included an envelope and stamp.) It was pretty ridiculous saying he liked to take his pet cow for long walks (photo of a cow was included), likes to chew gum, stare at scenery, etc. and we included a photo of our pal with a real goofy expression on his face. We thought it was hilarious but our pal was pretty mad about it. He never heard from the gal seeking a friend; I guess we needed to juice up the profile a little.

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@BanJoe there is a way you can edit your profile

if you look in the top right hand corner just below the box that tells you how many lessons you have unlocked there is a letter D for mine don’t know how yours is showing but click on that letter it will open up a drop down box click on your name then it will open up another area that is where you can fill out things about yourself you click on preferences and it is there

These days they call that “Identity Theft!”:scream_cat:

That’s for the tip. Now that I know where to do it, I still stuck on how to brag about myself without bragging. Even more difficult is trying to figure out what’s worth telling and what’s a waste of space. Beyond “I’m an old guy just getting serious about playing banjo,” not much else is pertinent.
One of these days I’’ figure it out.

@BanJoe I don’t know Joe you shared with us you were eating Crow for breakfast the other day !:wink:

Great stuff, for those this offends apologies in advance but worked with a Sgt when in the Air Force whilst I was a Junior rank. Nice guy but bit full of himself . Put up a poster in the NAAFI bar Calling him Stevie Ray Hill a play on his real name and that he was offering Line Dancing Lessons. Thought no more bout it until some interest was shown. I think it was the cropped picture of him with a lumberjack shirt and kerchief that a did the real damage though-How he laughed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Earned my Aficionado for that Gem . My wife will be pleased!