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TEF View Question

When I start a song in TEF View, I miss the first bar or so because of the time it takes to get my hand of the computer mouse and back on my strings. Is there a way to get TEF View to rest for a bar or two before starting?

Most of my .tef files have a measure or two count in, but some of them do not. Let me know which one you’re talking about and I’ll fix it for you.

Well, it’s a bunch of songs, but no worries Ben. It’s certainly not worth the effort and time to modify your files and I certainly don’t want to have to download them all again and then copy them over to my tablet. I was just wondering if I was missing something in TEFView.

I’m sorry! If you have the TalbEdit program it’s easy to add a measure or two in. @Archie may know how to build in some time with the free TEFView reader program.

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@Hi @maggie.williams1 I am not sure if you can edit files in TefView it been so long since I used it there was a DEMO version of TablEdit that allowed you mess around with .tef files but it only allowed you to save a limited number of measures I think it was 15. If you could find a copy of the demo you can open Ben’s files in that and insert measures which would give you a little extra time but you wont be able to save the full file, failing that next time your having probs make a note of the lesson tab and let us know, as Ben says it could be one of the older files that doesn’t have enough free space and needs fixing. It’s no big issue to add a measure or two and you will be helping others facing the same problem

Just had a thought. I am pretty sure someone else raised this issue a while back @Mark_Rocka did I recall you saying it was possible to set some sort of timer in TefView ?

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Thanks guys for sounding off. Yeah, I may break down and buy tabledit and take it from there. I’m gonna take a stab at coming up with breaks for a couple of songs anyway. Cheers,

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There are a couple of ways to handle this with the TEF Viewer that I can think of.

1 - Under the MIDI Menu option select Metronome. On the Metronome page, turn the volume up and check the box that says "Metronome only for n measure(s) and set it to at least 1. That will give you a lead in before the song begins. Problem with this method is that, despite the “metronome only for n measures” option, the metronome seems to play for the whole song. Maybe one of many bugs in the software.

2 - Under the MIDI Menu option select Repeat. That way the song starts over from the end (or the selection starts over if you’ve only highlighted a portion of the song.) Then you’ll have time from the end of the song to get ready for the beginning.


Thanks @Mark_Rocka

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Hi @maggie.williams1 have you read this ?

TablEdit - RU a Nubie ? READ THIS

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Thanks for that Mark… I’ll experiment with it.

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I gave in, just bought TabEdit.


Good for you, you wont regret it

Do any of you guys have the TEF file for foggy mt. special? Can’t find one on interweb. Can’t get my timing right. Thanks Mark for showing me how to get TEF files. Wish i would have had them 6 years ago, they really changed how i practice.

I’m considering upgrading my Tabledit, i have a few questions about this program.

  1. they talk a lot about a learning curve to work with it.
  2. mainly I would like to transfer some of my tab or sheet music to tef, I’m wondering if that is a cumbersome process meaning creating a new document note by note? any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi @Geno

  1. Like any software tool it does take a little while to familiarise your self with all the features. I have been using this software for about seven years and I still don’t know all it’s bells and whistles.

  2. When you say transferring your TAB or Sheet Music I am assuming the “TAB” is in PDF format. In both cases yes you will need to type in every note and create embellishments where appropriate. It does take a little while to figure stuff out but once you get the hang of things It doesn’t take too long to input the notes.

Of course any .tef files you have will just open and play as normal.

He is a link to a series of tutorials by Bob Wolford. This may look a little different to your version of the software. The software is design with slight differences for different devices. Also there have been lots of updates to the software since the version of the software used in the tutorial was recorded.

I do not regret buying TABLEDIT. I have created basic banjo and guitar tabs with little trouble. Playing back some of my licks on the TEF player has been interesting.

Thanks Archie,
I’ve been using the Demo version since i joined up with Ben’s lessons.(and it works & helps a lot). I think I’m ready to expand and add some other songs to my tef files. so i’m going to upgrade soon.
since we are leaving out of town next week I will certainly upgrade when I can.