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Tef file viewer question

How do I figure out the beats per minute for a song when I adjust the speed with the slider on the tef file viewer.



Hi Annie

in the “midi” drop down menu

pick “relative speed”

box will appear

in the box, next to the slider is “BPM” (beats per minute)

the number changes as the slider is moved


Thank you for your help. Do you know where the midi menu in tef view would be located… I have been unable to find it. I am using an iPad.

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The iOS version of TEFViewer is a whole different animal. It still has a lot of features, but you have to find them. I have the TEFViewer on my phone. From what I can tell, you can only see the speed adjustment slider WHILE the song is playing. On my iPhone, if I hold it vertically, there is only a speed slider below the tabs. If I turn my phone horizontally, the slider then has the Tempo and Percent Speed indicators to the right of it.

See if it’s the same on your iPad.


It is the same as your phone on the iPad. Since this tef viewer doesn’t have beats per minute, do you use a metronome as well as tef or is there a better solution.


The Tempo, indicated by a “T” by the speed slider, is your BPM.

If you really want to hear a metronome along with the TEF file, click on the Settings gear at the bottom right, then turn up the volume on your metronome.


Thank you so much for your help.