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Teaching (advice needed)

So, one of my little brothers (8yo) has shown some interest in learning an instrument, so I’m gonna try and teach him to play banjo, because it’s the easiest, and also cuz it’s pretty much the only thing I have two of (I’m not super good at sharing).
So my thought is to teach him first the alternating thumb roll (square roll) and the forward backward roll, and then teach him C and D7. Does that sound like a good approach? I don’t have much experience about being a beginner on banjo to relate to him cuz I was fairly competent musically to start with (from guitar). Is there anything else I should teach him?



You really should follow my beginner learning track for banjo…it is succinct.


Ok thanks. I’ve taught him the square and forward backward rolls and the two finger C and D7. I’ll put him on the learning track now

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