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Taking Stock – Looking Back - Setting New Goals for 2021

Taking Stock – Looking Back - Setting New Goals for 2021

Around this time of year I generally look back over what I’ve studied and learned in the past twelve months and try to form a plan and set some goals for the coming year. I don’t normally document things in any great detail, I usually just post what thoughts pop into my head and try to stick to the plan as best I can but this year I decided to look back at what I have done over the past six years, it’s hard to believe that’s how long I have been posting video’s on YouTube.

Ben has produced some awesome backup lessons these past few years. The Boogie Woogie Backup 1 & 2 Lessons, Sharing Licks– Banjo & Guitar Learn to play guitar licks on the banjo, Up-the-Neck Chord Shapes, Unlocking the Banjo Neck with Chord Patterns, Backup Banjo Licks Lesson–Pentatonic Scale, Ear Training – Improvisation – Make a Break Tex Critter, Teardrop Backup Licks, Part 1 & 2.

I have spent varying amounts of time on these lessons and had hoped to do more in 2020 so I am planning on spending a lot more time on these in 2021. I will also be revisiting Alan Munde’s Fretboard Geography and Backup Series.

This past year I have focused a lot on practising inside rolls, fretting the 5th string with the thumb, working on 16th & 8th note pull-offs & hammer-ons.

In 2021 I want to spend more time working on playing tunes in E, D & Drop C tuning , Learning more Celtic Scot’s & Irish tunes, Some Blues and maybe even some classical banjo – Bach. I am also looking forward to seeing what new material Ben has in store for 2021.

I spent six months last year 2019 studying with Bill Evans Peghead Nation and tuned in for his live Covid Sessions this year. I also study with Heath Joyce & Ned Luberecki on TrueFire but I have not been able to spend as much with these guy’s as I’d have liked.

I also have some TAB books and DVDs I want to revisit in 2021 – Sean Ray, Jack Hatfield, Alan Munde, Bill Knopf & Eddie Collins. So the year ahead is going to be a busy one.

I have listed my YouTube videos should you be interested in what I have been doing these past few years.

My YouTube Videos 2020

February 2020
Lonesome Road Blues BanjoBen’s Adv.
Leather Britches BanjoBen’s Adv.
John Hardy Murphy’s Arr Beg.
Pain in My Heart Erik Bennett’s TAB Adv.

April 2020
Blackberry Blossom – BanjoBen’s Beg. - Int.
Wreck of the Old 97 - Banjo Contest – BanjoBen’s - Beg.

May 2020
Eighth January Key of A – BanjoBen’s - Adv.
Gumtree Canoe Key of E – John Hartford – Casey Henry Int.
Lorena Key of E – John Hartford Adv.

September 2020
Boys of the Bluehill & Harvest Home Key of D - Heath Joyce Adv.
Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine Key of D - Heath Joyce Adv.

October 2020
Devils Dream Key of A – BanjoBen’s - Adv.
Sailors Hornpipe Key of G – BanjoBen’s - Adv.
The Entertainer Key of G – BanjoBen’s - Adv.

December 2020
Leaning on the everlasting arms – Key of G – BanjoBen’s - Int.
Shady Grove – Key of D Minor – BanjoBen’s - Int.
Red Haired Boy Melodic - Key of A – BanjoBen’s - Int.
Liberty - Key of D – BanjoBen’s - Int.
Deck the Halls – Key of G - BanjoBen’s - Int.
It Came upon a Midnight Clear – Key of G - BanjoBen’s - Int.
We Three Kings – Key of G - BanjoBen’s - Int.

My YouTube Videos 2019

March 2019
Will The Circle Be Unbroken Key of G BanjoBen’s Adv.
Arkansas Traveller Adv. Key of D. Capo 2 C Pos. BanjoBen’s Adv.
Buffalo Girls Key of G BanjoBen’s Int
Ground Speed Key of G Sean Ray’s Adv.

July 2019
Fishers Hornpipe Key of D. Std G Tuning Int
Dixie Doodle Key of G B anjoBen’s Adv.
What a friend we have in Jesus Key of G Murphy Henry Int.
Peaches & Cream Key of G Alan Munde’s Anthology II Adv.
Lime Rock Key of G Alan Munde’s Anthology IV Adv.

November 2019
Boogie Woogie Backup 2 B anjoBen’s Adv.
Boogie Woogie Backup 1 B anjoBen’s Adv.
Ten Penny Bit 6/8 Irish Jig. Key of Am (Dorian) G scale Heath Joyce Adv.
Wind That Shakes the Barley Key of G Melodic Heath Joyce Int.

December 2019
Cherokee Shuffle – BanjoBen’s Int.
In the Sweet By & By Melodic – BanjoBen’s Int.
Rainbow Connection – Ken Walters TAB Arr Int.
Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer – Jack Baker’s TAB Arr Int.

My YouTube Videos 2018

August 2018
Irish Washerwoman Key of G BanjoBen’s Adv.
Battle Hymn Republic Key of C BanjoBen’s Adv.
John Henry Int. Key of G BanjoBen’s Adv.

September 2018
Angeline The Baker Adv. Drop D Capo 2 B anjoBen’s Adv.
Beaumont Rag Key of C B anjoBen’s Adv.
Dear Old Dixe Key of G TAB found on the Internet Adv.
Turkey in the Straw Key of G Arr Casey Henry & John Lawless Lessons

November 2018
Sally Goodin Key of A Sean Ray Adv.

December 2018

Wayfaring Stranger Adv. Key of A minor Capo 2 G Minor Pos. B anjoBen’s Adv.

Sally Ann Key of G Sean Ray Adv.

The First Noel Key of A B anjoBen’s Int .

January 2017
Black Diamond Don Stover Cover TAB Arr Tom Arri Adv
Dreaming of a Little Cabin Mac Wiseman Key of G# Arr Tom Adams Adv

November 2017
Red Wing Alan Munde’s Arr. Key of G BanjoBen’s Adv
Bury Me Beneath the Willow 4 Solos with Key Changes, BanjoBen’s Adv
Grandfathers Clock Key of G BanjoBen’s Adv
Red River Valley Key of C - D – G BanjoBen’s Adv

December 2017
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer Key of G TAB by Richard Van Patten BHO Int.

I also hope to revisit some of these tunes in 2021 which I recorded several years ago

Kansas City Railroad Blues Casey Henry
Old Rugged Cross
Little Darling Pal of Mine Sean Ray
Tennessee Waltz
Maple Leaf Rag Eddie Collins
Folsom Prison Blues
Freight Train
Under the Double Eagle Alan Munde
I Saw the Light
Wabash Cannonball - Mike Taylor’s Arr

Well done if you made it this far. gif