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Tad 50

Hey yall, I’m wondering if anybody has had experience with this pick and can tell me if it has any flex when flatpicking?

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No, not noticeable.


Ok Thanks! I was debating between that and the CT55! I like a thick pick but i think the thinner one might play a little faster! But maybe I’m wrong!

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A 50 won’t play any faster than a 55 or 60 even. I’d go for the thickness you prefer and work more on technique. That’ll make you play faster!

Good luck!


Ok cool!

The reason i was asking about speed was that i have a 1.2mm pick that I compared to a 1.4 prim tone and the 1.2 played a little faster! I wasn’t sure if that was as much thickness as much as slickness

removed it…

For me personally, the thinner the blue chip, the faster and cleaner I can play. The best balance between tone and playability for me has been the TAD1R-50. I find myself using the rounded corner more and more. The 40’s are real easy for me to play with, but they are just a TAD bright to my ear. I do use the TAD-80 on my Mandola. I don’t care for how it sounds on my mandolins, and it’s too chunky for me to play fast, but for some reason on the Mandola it sounds great.