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New here how do I get the tabs to download them?


Hey Stanley! Welcome to the forum!

If you’re logged in to the site, you should see 2 tab options under the Lesson Resources section of each lesson page. Let me know if that helps.


By the way, if you’re not already using the TEF files, I HIGHLY recommend them. They’re so much better than the regular old PDF files.


Hey there Stanley, Welcome to the forum,Hope you enjoy the ride. Great people and even better advice from all that are here. I’ve been in here for only a short time but I’ve found nothin but good from everybody. I’m sure you will as well. Happy pickin!! :sunglasses:


As a struggling Beginner, I must second MarkUnderscoreRocka’s recommendation abut the TEF files.
Some find the weird electronic sound to it a little strange, but the TEF files are great for helping you learn to read tabs, and more importantly, keep time!
Plus you get the added benefit of being able to select the speed! That’s means you can slow it down to a tempo that you are comfortable with, even if it’s just one note per half-hour.
(OK, that’s an exaggeration, but you can slow it down to a speed you can play. Soon you will be cranking up the speed and then you can forget about this TEF file 'cause you have this song nailed!)
And don’t be afraid of the Forum! You just might find some of the funniest banjo jokes on earth right here!
And no, I won’t start them in this thread. See “Sunday Funnies” in the Forum. It’s one of the better internet time-wasters!


Hi Stanley, and welcome to the forum! Don’t be afraid to ask questions around here…we’re all in this together. When I first started banjo, I was wearing my picks on the wrong side of my fingers…:grimacing:

Something else I didn’t know for a long time was that I could slow down the lesson videos. See below for link describing how to do this from @Archie.


Hey @sj7501990 welcome brother!