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TablEdit v3.01 a7b - Problems with 5th String Capo

Does anyone out there have problems with 5th String Capo using TablEdit v3.01 a7b? Since upgrading to the new release I have been having problems with TABs .Tef files created in V2.78.

Opening a TAB in Open G Tuning with the Capo on the second fret and 5th string set at 7 the playback pitch is too high. On checking the strings the 5th string shows it tuned to G(4)

If I try to change that to G(3) I loose the Open G Tuning Label, The option to select 5th Capo disappears and the 5th string becomes a full neck length string.
I don’t recall this ever happening in earlier versions. In fact I used to mess around with the tunings a lot trying to create other sounds when messing about with backup.

Other TABs with the 5th string capo’d at the 7th fret are now showing as .2 instead of 0 and I find I have to go back a physically edit the TABS. However this is only a temporary fix when I reopen the TAB after saving the problem returns.

I reported this problem on the TablEdit forum on the 17th September but so far no response. It is so frustrating that I cannot use TablEdit to play tunes in the key of A

Tonight I downloaded Over in the Glory Land INT Solo .TEF to see if a fresh download might resolve the issue but again the high pitch on the capo’ed 5th string was still present. I have sent Mattheu an email but I just thought I would check in with you guy’s to see if any of you are experiencing problems.

I had been resisting this update because I encountered problems with the Beta v3.0 when it was released. But when Microsoft decided it was time to screw up my computer with the new version of Windows 10 I decided I would upgrade TablEdit. Also I couldn’t open any new TEF files @BanjoBen was creating because Ben had upgraded and I had not. So I was tabbing out new lessons from the PDFs.